Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LR#1 Week ly Roundup: Highs, Lows and Real Housewives of Orange County

Monday: this was a day of long but lazy activity. Kristen and I ran 5 miles. "Ran" is a bit of a stretch actually; it was more of a leisurely "lope". To be fair, we were dodging many a bikini-clad lady, and strapping young man on the 101, so we had to stop a lot.

I came home and meant to hop on the elliptical for about 10 mins to warm up so I could stretch. But then Real Housewives of Orange County came on the TV in my little gym and I'm only a little bit ashamed to say that I got sucked in for another 35 minutes.

Of my life. That I'll never get back.

Once I found out who won the screaming match between Gretchen and Tamra  (Gretchen's boyfriend, Slade had insulted Vicki about being old in his standup routine and then crashed their party, at which Tamra and haughty Heather also got into it with Alexis about her nose job.... it was all very dramatic), I cooled down and stretched.

Tuesday: Rest + Insanity Max Recovery. This is a fairly intense upper body / core and flexibility workout, but is basically no impact.

Wednesday: 8 mile fartlek run. This was a beauty. I sat around the 7:45 avg pace, and dropped to 7-7:15 for the intervals. I felt like I was flying.

Thursday: Worst workout ever. 30 mins elliptical + 1 mile easy on the tready. I probably got a better workout talking Kristen's ear off about the great run I had on Wednesday.

Friday: 8 mile progression run. I sat around 8:20 for the first 5 miles, then down to 7:45 for the last 3 miles.

Saturday: Strength training + 70 mins elliptical (intervals: 5 mins warmup, 2 mins hard, 1 min easy, 10 mins warmdown). This time I watched BBC news. Like a grownup.
Sunday: While Kristen was busting out a massive PR at theSan Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll (go LR#2!)  I decided to have my own little half-mary party up north. I set out in my new Lulu speed shorts (bought using the $$ I would have spent on the RnR) and ran 13.1 at a comfortable 8-ish mins/mile.

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