Friday, June 8, 2012

Its a good thing this isn't a fashion blog...

Because these shoes are ugly as sin.

But! I don these, and my other pairs of Birken-fugs every day for my mile-walk to and from the train station and work.* My feet can be little divas sometimes and I care more about keeping them happy and healthy for running, than pretty. Which is kind of antithetical to the diva-concept, I guess.

Regardless, take care of your feet. Keep the blisters and arch-pain for the real miles. Be hard-core and wear yourself some fugly-ass shoes.

*NB: I do keep prettier shoes at work but they have to be comfortable enough to walk a few blocks to get coffee with LR#2 in.

#LR1 Penny


  1. You take the train? Coaster? I used to take it from Oceanside to Sorrento but it ended up taking 30-45 minutes longer total commute thanks to driving to and from the station, the shuttle to work, etc. I did enjoy it though.

    I have a pair of Birks too - don't wear them as much as I used to. But I still love them.

    1. Chacha, yes I take it every day to and from SD! I have a 3 hour commute. Its loooong, but Im saving the world from extra pollution. Plus I get to take awesome pictures of my feet on the train - who could pass up that opportunity??

  2. Dear LR#1,

    You really went for the fugliest model. C'mon! If you must wear Birkies, please step it up and get a cute(r) pair! ;)


    1. Ah, LR#2, I will forever be the dorky one :)

      But, I do like these ones

      I think these will be my next birky purchases. Only about 26% fugly.

    2. Those are acceptable...barely. ;)