Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sizing Up New Balance 890s

After a long week at work . . . two little runners went on a shopping spree to Road Runner Sports!

LR#2--that's me--purchased NEW SHOES (we like to take pictures of our feet on this blog: here, here, here). 

New Balance 890s
Actually, these are not new shoes for me. This is my fourth pair of New Balance 890s. I almost randomly selected New Balance 890s when I first started running just over a year ago. It went like this at the shoe store: give me running shoes; here take these; okay.

I've loved these shoes. No problems at all. And I like the way they allow me to feel the road. Not overly cushioned. And they are extremely light. But I wanted to get analyzed at Road Runner to see if there was something even better out there.

The results: I have a high arch, flexible feet, and I distribute my weight evenly side-to-side and front-to-back. Basically, my feet are very forgiving of any form problems. So this puts me in neutral shoe territory. The 890s, a neutral shoe, no surprise are just exactly what I should be wearing. But I needed tests, analysis, and data to confirm what 1000 miles in this shoe already told me!!

I did mix it up just a little bit and went a half size up for pair number four, on LR#1's recommendation (I'll let her tell you about her shoe size . . .). I have been running in size 7.5--the size I wear for every type of shoe from heels, to tennis (court) shoes, to sandals, to boots. And, truth be told, I've lost 3 toenails, GASP (but they came back, YAY!). Probably due to not enough room in the toe box.

I took the new size 8s out for a spin on Sunday for my long run, and they worked out great. I actually prefer the roomier feel around the toes. And I am hoping my toenails will be happier too. It is not fun being close-toed all summer!



  1. Did they try to sell you on the custom insoles? Just curious. They recommended them for me just because my left foot is "semi-flexible" while my right is "rigid". I did end up getting them but I'm still not 100% convinced I need them.

    1. No, they didn't try the insole up sell on me. I know Penny uses custom insoles from Road Runner, and she loves them. I use a New Balance insole sold separate from the shoe. But I don't think I really need it either.

    2. Chacha, I had runners' knees when I came back from my ankle injury (oh the injustice!), and was told that insoles would help. I tried a bunch and wasnt impressed. I was finally convinced by Skinnyrunner's post on the RR's ones, and got them. I really love them. It might have been luck, but my FIRST proper run in them, (and post-injury) was my first leg of Ragnar, and they were fantastic. Knees didnt hurt at all. I made sure to roll my feet on a tennis ball to loosen them up as well, in case they didn't like the new arch support.