Sunday, June 17, 2012

Philip Rivers 5K

After running a few half marathons, I decided it is time for change (not to mention that work is so busy that I can't keep up 40 miles per week). Hence, it is the summer of the 5K for LR#2. I sketched out a new training plan, culminating in a peak race: America's Finest City 5K on August 19.

So to see where I was at with this alien distance, on Saturday I ran the Philip Rivers 5K, a flat course with a lot of sharp turns inside Liberty Station in Point Loma. The course was mixed trail and pavement.

Based on my half marathon pace, according to fitness/race pace prediction charts, I was at a 20:39 5K (6:38 average pace). Honestly, I had never strung together 2 sub 7 minute miles (since cross country about 15 years ago!), so I didn't really know what to expect at this distance. I decided I would run the first mile at 6:30 and see how I felt. 6:30 was the fastest mile I ran in the Rock N Roll half, so I knew I could at least do one mile at that pace . . .

So I started off fast, even busting out a 5:44 pace at the very beginning to get out ahead of the pack. I dropped down to target pace and managed to maintain it for the full 5K.

I went deep into zombie mode, and hee-hee-huh-huh (heavy breathing, in and out) is about all I remember about the 3.1 miles.

Mile          Pace
1               6:11
2               6:35
3               6:33
3.1            5:42

My official time was 19:53. Average Pace 6:24. 38 place overall; 4th female overall; 3 of 248 in age group F30-34.  I definitely surprised myself! I thought it would take most of the summer to break the 20:00 mark.

First, second, and third place females in the race were also in 30-34 and 34-38 age groups. Go thirty-somethings!

I felt like I could have run a few more miles at 6:24, but I certainly couldn't have run the 5K any faster. I just don't have that faster gear in my legs right now. Shorter distances are a weird thing!

Philip Rivers ran the race too--very cool. He crossed the finish line at 26:08 (8:26 average pace).

Philip Rivers crossing the finish line at 26:08.
I wonder how many other quarterbacks I could beat in a 5K? :)

After watching Rivers cross the finish line, I decided I needed a few more miles to complete my workout. I ran another 2.5 miles, touring around Liberty Station, which is a nice place to run.

This was a great event. Plenty of parking, T-shirts, good post-race party with a band and food, and Chargers signing autographs. Plus, I love a smaller race (about 2500 runners/walkers), especially one that starts at the late hour of 8:25 a.m. Lots of fans so happy to see Philip Rivers!


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