Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anyone Wanna Race?

I just surfed upon the greatest race calendar on the internet: Running in the USA. I know, it is a BOLD declaration.* But it is all true. You can search by state, city, X miles from a city, county, type of race, race distance, etc. It is awesome! Best part is that it actually has all the races I've found through other race calendar websites, the collection of random fliers, thumbing through Runner's World, and various other web searches. 

*One qualification to the BOLD declaration. It is swell for SoCal. But I don't have a basis for evaluating it for other parts of the US of A.

Before discovering Running in the USA. A typical scenario: reading Runner's World, and oh look! A race in Hawaii. I should do that, click (=picture of magazine taken with iPhone) and photo is swallowed in library of 800 pictures.

After discovery of Running in the USA, a convenient list of races in Hawaii in December, including the XTERRA Trail Run:

Warning: this website may cause you to register for an insane number of races . . .

But that's a good thing, right? So bookmark it, or pin it as an app tab, whatever!

I ran my first race (as an adult) in November 2011--the Iron Girl 10K in Del Mar. I don't recall what possessed me to run a race, or even how I found out about it. But after I ran it, I was hooked. I needed to run more . . . and FASTER!

And I've had no problem finding out about races. I've run 10 races in the 9 months since I've started racing (Iron Girl 10K, United Run for the Hungry 10K, Resolution Run 15K, Carlsbad Half, Black Mountain 7K, Mission Trails 10K, Cardiff Kook 10K, SoCal Ragnar, San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Half, and Philip Rivers 5K). 

I have 3 more scheduled for this summer. Potentially 4. (I am trying to talk LR#1 into a race in San Diego before she goes all east coast on me!) This weekend, June 24, I am running the Coronado Low Tide Ride and Stride, an 8.2 miler. Then the Bolt to the Q 5K on July 21 (with my mom!). And America's Finest City 5K on August 19, my peak race for all my 5K training this summer!

How do you find races? What races are you running this summer?


(Neither of the Two Little Runners is affiliated, associated, or has otherwise thrown in with Running in the USA.)

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