Sunday, June 10, 2012

LR#2 Weekly Wrap Up: Rest, Recovery, and 1000 Miles

I was feeling the half marathon in my legs this week. I was very tight--quads, calves, hams--even on Thursday. So I was good to my legs by cutting way back on miles and by doing some fairly intensive yoga/stretching sessions. Meanwhile, I set new running goals and researched training plans . . . to be revealed this week on Two Little Runners . . . on the edge of your seat yet?

Thursday, I unceremoniously crossed the RunKeeper 1000 mile mark during a crap 2 mile run on the treadmill. Hey, every mile counts I suppose!

Monday (6/4): 1 mile on treadmill very slow as a warm up to yoga.

Tuesday (6/5): Recovery run, slow 3.5 miles in Balboa Park; upper body strength training.

Wednesday (6/6): Complete rest.

Thursday (6/7): 2 mile run on treadmill, at 8:30 average pace; yoga.

Friday (6/8): Complete rest.

Saturday (6/9): Complete rest.

Sunday (6/10): 6 miles, average 8:00 miles through the cornfields of Illinois; sprints through Detroit airport at maximum speed (wish I had turned on RunKeeper!) but missed the connecting flight --> 1 mile treadmill and core workout at the Detroit Airport Marriott.


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