Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cinqo De Runno

My training schedule had me down for an 8 mile progression run on Saturday - Cinqo de Mayo. After a few injuries, and a hard run during Ragnar, Im being cautious about long or hard runs. A progression run takes you on a medium-long distance at an easy pace, with the last 20 minutes or so at moderate-race pace preferrably on a hill. This is a perfect run when you're building up distance or speed after time out; its building slowly, giving you a good workout while keeping risk of injury low.

I usually run fasted if Im running around an hour or so, so I downed a coffee to get "things" rolling, then headed out.
I stopped in at Road Runners to change out my Mizunos to a half-size bigger. Note: I usually run in an 8.5s (Asics) but Mizuno Inspire 8s have a slightly turned up toe and narrower toe box. This makes for a really smooth mid-foot/heel to toe transition, but also means my big toe was bumping uglies with the end of the shoe. Gotta hand it to Roadrunners; they do have a grand return policy. Also grabbed a packet of lollies Clif Shot Blocks just cos, and chomped one before heading down to Cardiff by the Sea for my run.

The route is beautiful.

My aim for this run was to keep an easy pace for 6-7 miles and run the last 15 minutes at a moderate pace. According to the McMillan Calculator, my Easy Runs should be between 8:30 and 9:50 mins/mile, based on a 7:30 10K race pace. That 7:30 is an old time, but Im keeping to it at the moment, to be cautious.
This run, I did an 8:45min/mile average pace, but the first 6 miles I tried to keep at around 9 mins, the perfect long-run pocket. The last two miles or so were uphill, and I tried to crank it up, but stay feeling very comfortable where I could have held a conversation with someone. They came in at 7:50-8mins according to my garmin.
After sweating all over my car, and then my husband when I came home, I refueled on a ginormous smoothie: 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, two handfulls of spinach, 1 packet stevia,  and loooooads of ice. Brain freeze!!!!!!!!!!!

LR #1 Penny

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