Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Run In the Sun

Is there anything better than a Saturday run at the beach?
Its a tough bloody life. 
 Yesterday's run was an 8 mile progression run; the week's "long run". Im in a sort of base-training, foundational period right now, after The Injuries. Yes, they're significant enough to necessitate capitalization.

Thus my mileage build-up (unlike LR#2 - woohoo for 15 miles yesterday!) is very slow, as is the pace at which I am doing most of my runs. While lacking speed and a true long run is frustrating, it can be very comforting to put in those lazy miles, feeling no pain, in the knowledge that your body is just happy to build slowly.

I ran a little faster than I should have in the easy portion of the run, and slightly slower than I expected in the progression ("moderate") portion; around miles 6-8. However, I was going up hill in the last two miles, so it felt more like a 7:45 effort.

SplitAvg Pace

 To wrap up the week's workouts!

May 6-12, 2012
  • Sunday: 45 mins elliptical intervals (5 mins warm up, 2 mins hard, 1 min easy, 5 mins warmdown) and strength training
  • Monday: 5 miles easy + 3 hill sprints (Balboa Park)
  • Tuesday: 8 miles fartlek run (easy + 6x40 seconds at 3K-10K pace)
  • Wednesday: strength train (overdid it; was sore for days!)
  • Thursday: 8 miles easy + 4 hill sprints (San Diego harbor)
  • Friday: Elliptical 45 mins
  • Saturday: 8 miles easy progression run, with 20 mins moderate
 #LR1 Penny

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