Monday, May 28, 2012

LR#1 Week of Wily, Wonderful and Woop-ass Workouts

May 20-26
Sunday: 10 miles progression; an easy pace (8:30-9) with the last 3 miles at 7:45-8mins/mile.
Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 miles easy + Insanity Cardio Power and Balance (fairly intense whole body-weight workout)
Wednesday: Easy run: 6 miles
Thursday: Rest - where is LR#1, and who is this imposter who is being kind to her body, and making good long-term decisions for her running health, rather than going balls to the walls until injury inevitably strikes??? Also, this new chick writes unreasonably long sentences.
Friday: 8 mile progression run at San Diego harbor; about 8:30, progressing to 7:45-8mins per mile in the last three miles.

Saturday: 65 mins elliptical + the hub's amazing running strength routine (actually its really boring, but its doing good things for your body. Kind of like brocolli.)

Sunday: Long run at about 9 mins/mile. This. Felt. Slow. As. Ass. I didnt even feel like I got a workout! But I was totally good, and tucked my endorphins back in my pocket for when I really need them.

Monday: Like for today! But this workout is for next week. I know, the anticipation and excitement for these posts rivals that of the next Hunger Games movie. What can we say, we're awesome. :)

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