Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello Long Run, I'm Back

My injury is officially over. The foot feels back to 100%, and I don’t have any little aches and pains lingering from overcompensating and losing flexibility during my 2 week injury period.  While I was injured, I continued to stretch and do yoga daily, and even had some intense stretch/yoga sessions at the gym, but nevertheless, my calves turned to rocks. Then when I took my first short run, my IT band became tight, and pulled on my left outer knee, probably due to imbalances created by limping around. 

But after some hard work on flexibility, I am mostly balanced again . . . so TIME FOR A LONG RUN, HOORAY!

I ran a 15 miler from Torrey Pines to Swamis Beach and back.  And it felt great. Back to my old running self . . . almost!

The route is mostly flat.  A straight shot up the 101 through Del Mar, 

Solana Beach,

and Cardiff.

At mile 11, I was feeling pretty spent. And at that point, I was running by my house. (Only 4 more miles, that’s just 32 more minutes . . . I know better than to present the counterarguments to myself!) But I stayed on and finished!  I was thankful that mile 14 in Del Mar was completely downhill!

My perceived effort level on this run was probably at an 8 of 10.  I’ve done this distance and this very route before with less difficulty.  So I could have lost some fitness.  But it could have been a thousand other things:  it was hot (70 F) and sunny and the middle of the day, I didn’t use any Gu, I probably didn’t eat enough, I got up early, I worked for 4 hours before running, and etc.

I am just glad to be back!


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