Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LR #1 Weekly Roundup

Care to read about my exciting workouts from last week? I thought so. They're way more interesting than the Kardashians on Oprah (and a lot more sweaty).

[Sidenote - if Oprah is going to keep doing sit-down interviews with people, shouldn't she have just kept her show going?]

Monday: Easy 6 miles with 4 x 8 second hill sprints

Tuesday: 5 miles with a bit of specific endurance thrown in: 1 mile easy, 1 mile @ 10K pace (around 7 mins/mile), 3 mins easy, 1 Mile @ 10K pace, 1.5 miles easy

Wednesday: An early morning easy 8 miles with the vay witty and fit ChaCha - my first blogger turned real life friend!! (LR#2 doesn't count cos she and I had been slogging it out in the coal mines office for a few years before we blogged together). A really fun run, with some perfectly cool misty weather to go with.

Thursday: Rest? Cant really remember what I did. And the spreadsheet on which I indulge my anally-retentiveness and track my workouts didn't save properly so I have no record of it.  Must have been awesome.

Friday: After discussing it at length with Kristen, I decided it would be a good idea to do a test run for a half marathon coming up. I want to do a tune-up race to see where I am with the half marathon, and this was a practice for the practice run. My goal was to figure out a pace that in the ballpark of my goal race pace (in September), but that I could run without having to take much time off for recovery. I ran  8 miles with 1 mile base pace (about 8:30), 6 miles @ 7:30, then 1 mile base pace. Felt good and not terribly hard. Could I do 7:30 for 13.1 without pushing myself too hard? Still not really sure. Watch this space.

Saturday: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance + 40 mins elliptical (confession: this was a workout completed almost entirely to mitigate the effects of eating a delicious pavlova a friend of mine made in honor of her fave Aussies)

Sunday: complete rest


  1. ahaha, thanks for saying I'm witty. As a software programmer, I don't necessarily see myself as such. Unless witty = unabashedly honest.

    I think you can do 7:30. Maybe you can shoot for 7:35-7:40 the first half and if all feels well, pick it up to 7:25-7:30 in the second half. Unless you thrive on positive splits.

    1. Chachalina!! You were such a fun conversational/runner partner. Thanks for the grand idea on the race - I might just shoot for that. I dont want to go balls to the wall and kill myself, so that sounds like a plan.