Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5K Summer - Weeks 9 and 10 - The End

Hey, did ya miss my weekly training logs?! In case you were wondering, I was not injured this time. I was attending to this thing called my day job, which occasionally causes me to give up writing blog posts about running. Instead, I had to write briefs about law. And since my lifetime earnings from running amounts to a free magazine subscription to Trail Runner and a gift certificate for a massage, I gotta keep the day job for the time being . . . 

My apologies for keeping our reader(s) in suspense for the outcome of my 10 week 5K training plan!!! Wait no more! 

Weeks 9 and 10 of my training plan were pretty decent. Got some speed work, hills, and long runs in. I was feeling strong. But in the end, it was too little too late and too hot for me to break 19:00 this summer in a 5K. For a bunch of reasons, it didn't happen. What did I learn (i.e., what are my excuses)? 
  • My training plan was flawed. I didn't give myself enough recovery time from my spring half marathon training. I dove right into hard speed work, plyo, and hill sprints, and ended up with a series of pre-injuries that I had to nurse. 
  • Then I switched shoe sizes, and this wreaked havoc on my body as well. It took me weeks to figure this out. 
  • I had sleep and nutrition fails. Due to said briefs, I got very little sleep for several days prior to the race. I also ate out for lunch and dinner during the entire month of August. I was 5 pounds over my ideal racing weight. 
  • I was not in the running state of mind. No zone, no flow this race.
  • It was hot on race day. Already 73 degrees at the start.
  • Overall, I just didn't run enough. I was in better shape in week 1 than week 10. 
For the forging reasons, when I dug deep to find my fifth gear, it wasn't there. Instead, I found this monster:

Worse, in the three 5Ks I ran this summer, I got slower in each race. 

My first was my fastest:  19:53 (6:24 average pace) on June 16, 2012. 

Creepy Angelina Jolie leg . . . and yes, this man definitely passed me.
On July 21, I finished the second in 20:36 (6:36 average pace), 33 seconds slower. (Excuse: there was a big hill.)

Trying to look as pretty as the cheerleaders, not happening!
The third race, on August 19, I added another 9 seconds for 20:45 (6:41 average pace). (Excuses: see supra at bullets)

Looking strong, but actually feeling pretty shitty!
I missed my goal, but I increased strength through lots of plyo, leg strength training, and quite a few hill and speed workouts. I also increased my confidence, if not my physical stamina, at sub-7 paces. And I took some excellent race photos!



  1. Yay welcome back to the blog! You did ACE in the 5K training plan especially given the stress you were under. Now... time to get your half-mary on girl!
    P.S. I still want that first photo as my screen saver.

    1. Permission granted, provided you send me the file of your sweaty and red self-portrait from your 1st NY run for my own uses. ;)

    2. I think Ive decided that I like the second one best. Mostly because that guy looks like hes about to eat you and your angelina leg.

  2. It was crazy hot that day. I remember being so grateful that I decided NOT to buy someone's bib and run the half. Or even do the 5K for that matter. That heat is worth minimum 30 seconds overall 5K time.