Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sticking to the Program

I am one of those type-A personalities in need of a training program. The one I adopted for this training cycle is pretty basic and flexible. It comes from Jeff Galloway’s Book on Running. The goal race is a 13.1 this fall--don't know which race(s) yet.

The program calls for 3 runs per week. Two 40 minute runs during the week, and one long run over the weekend. Basically looks like this for 16 weeks:

XT or rest
40” run
XT or rest
40” run
XT or rest
XT or rest
Long run

In the middle weeks of the program, one of the 40” runs is replaced with speed workout, e.g. 5 x 800 m intervals @ 6:24 pace.  All long runs will be at a slower pace - no faster than 8:50.

I will make some modifications.

·         I will likely add another run to the program each week:  a weekend warrior, I like to get lots of miles in each weekend. So in addition to a long run, I’ll probably tack on a base pace or easy run each weekend—one that won’t leave me too taxed to play tennis.
·         I’ll run tempos, progressions, hills, and longer intervals during the 40” weekday runs, depending on how I feel.
·         I will impose one rest day each week—or most weeks.
·         My XT will focus on continuing to develop my leg strength through plyo workouts and weights. I am up to squatting 115 pounds!
·         I am also focusing more on core this season. Toward the end of some of my harder runs, I feel wobbly. I need to strengthen this area so that I have more stability in my core.
·         Also will continue with yoga class once a week and 30 minutes of yoga, foam rolling, and stretching each evening while I’m watching TV.

 (See I am even type-A about being "flexible" with the plan.)

It all sounds very rigid to have a training program, but I think of it more as an outline for my workouts. If I feel like running on Monday, I adapt. I am in charge, not the plan!

In week 1 of the program, I am off to a strong start!

Week 1 (September 1 – 7)

Weekend (9/1-9/2):  Two short, easy runs over the holiday weekend, which I spent wine tasting in Sonoma! It felt good to flush the wine out of the system with an early morning run, thereby making plenty of room for new wine to be consumed later in the day! 

In the wine caves at Lancaster Estate in Alexander Valley, Sonoma.
It was cool in the mornings, about 60F. I had forgotten how much easier it is to run in cool weather. I was easily cruising at 8:30 pace, even sporting mild hangovers--mostly dehydrated, also carrying a belly full of food from feasts each night at Dry Creek Kitchen, Cyrus, and Spoonbar (all in Healdsburg), it weighed me down. More on the vaca after the jump +++++

Monday (Labor Day):  Rest day.

Tuesday (9/4):  40” run in Balboa Park at lunch at about a 9:00 pace (holy crap it was HOT 91F, so I made bearing the HEAT my challenge in this workout); followed by a short core workout; yoga class.

Wednesday (9/5): Hard and intense plyo and legs workout. But I was feeling strong!

Thursday (9/6): Core workout; 40” run, long intervals on the treadmill—7:30, walk 1”, 7:00, walk 4”, 6:53, walk 1”, 6:53 miles, cool down. These fast miles felt easy for once! 

Friday (9/7): 6.5 mile easy run at 9:30 pace. A gorgeous run, the best of my summer.


I even like plans when it comes to vacations! So, I made an agenda of regions and wineries for the trip. We went to three different regions in Sonoma and 11 wineries--see sticking to the program pays off! Also, each wine we tasted was recorded and scored. Now you really get a sense of how deep my type-A runs.

First up, Russian River on Friday. This region is known for cool weather grapes like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. I really enjoyed tasting at Woodenhead, which had a lovely vineyard view from the deck. 

View at Woodenhead Winery in Russian River, Sonoma.
On Saturday, we spent the day in Alexander Valley, a region famous for Cabernet Sauvignon. We tasted some of the big name Sonoma cabs - Lancaster, Silver Oak, and Jordan. 

Fancy pants tasting at Lancaster Estate.
On Sunday, we went to Dry Creek where most of the Sonoma Zinfandel is grown. Wineries in this region are also starting to plant Rhone varietals like Grenache, Petite Syrah, Viognier, and Syrah. This is my favorite region in Sonoma. I love the narrow country roads, winding their way through the rolling hills and vines. My favorite winery of the trip was Mounts, a very small family winery nestled up in the foothills. 

Mounts Family Winery in Dry Creek, Sonoma. 
I also loved tasting at Dutcher Crossing. These picnic tables at Dutcher Crossing may be one of the best spots in the whole world to enjoy a glass of wine.

Dutcher Crossing Winery in Dry Creek, Sonoma.
We stayed at Hotel Healdsburg in Healdsburg, which is just the sweetest little town. It has an old-timey feel but with luxurious amenities, like cute boutiques, Michelin star dining, and five star hotels. 

Hotel Healdsburg
A very relaxing trip after a very un-relaxing summer! This is why we work, right?!


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