Saturday, September 22, 2012

Important Announcement: the iPhone 5 will fit in Lululemon Speed Shorts!

The BIG NEWS this week was the release of the iPhone 5. It’s thinner and lighter: Unbelievable! It’s faster: Great! The battery lasts longer: Awesome! The camera shoots panoramic: Sweet! The screen is more scratch resistant: Perfect! Facebook is integrated: About time! Facetime over cellular network: Cool! The retina display is bigger:

Wait, what?!

OMG, Apple, what did you do? Will the iPhone 5 fit in the media pocket of my Lululemon Speed Shorts? Some quick experiments . . . . . . . . . . . . .

YES, it will fit! No worries at all: the Speed Short is iPhone 5 compatible. But the proof is in the pocket.  

Lululemon Speed Short media pocket, iPhone 4 above, and HTC One X below.
So, at 4.5" in length, the iPhone 4/4S fits snugly into the running shorts' media pocket. Now the iPhone 5 is 0.27" longer. But the HTC One X, coming in at 5.29" in length also fits into the pocket. Ergo, the iPhone 5, 0.42" shorter than the HTC, must fit! 

HTC One X                                                   iPhone 5                                                        iPhone 4/4S
         Length:         5.29"                                                           4.87"                                                                    4.5"


In the time it took me to figure this out, the iPhone 5 sold out, so now all I have to do is wait ages before they are available again . . . 

In other exciting news . . . without even realizing it, I had one of my highest mileageweeks of 2012! How did that happen? Well, for one, I blew off core workouts again this week. Next week, I am rededicating myself to core. 

And in San Diego, we continue to experience a heat wave, now our 5th week with temperatures in the 80s or 90s most days. Saturday was the hottest day of the year, with temperatures reaching 104 degrees on the coast! I love the heat, but it makes training for a fall half marathon PR a bit of a challenge. I’ve taken to the treadmill for my speedier workouts. But I’ve been abandoning my paces on long runs and tempo runs, resorting, at times, to just make it back to my starting point. But this heat conditioning will pay off. Paces starting in 6 will feel so easy when the weather cools off. At least that's what I am telling myself!  
Week 3 (9/15-9/21): 30 miles

9/15 (Saturday): Record breaking heat in San Diego today. So what did I do? I ran 4 miles through Del Mar when it was 97 degrees. Then I played tennis for 2 hours.

9/16 (Sunday): Long run on Solana Beach Rail Trail, through Cardiff, turn around at D St. in Encinitas. 10.1 miles, 90 minutes, 8:45 average pace, last mile at 7:30. Cooler today, thankfully! Then 3 hours at the beach, but no progress on evening out those runner tan lines!

9/17 (Monday): Lunch time tempo run in Balboa Park. 9:00 warm up mile, followed by 3 miles at 7:10, cool down. I wanted to tempo at 7:00, but it was too HOT again. This was a really tough run. Yoga in the evening.

9/18 (Tuesday): Easy evening beach run at low tide through Solana Beach and Cardiff. 6.5 miles, 60 minutes, 9:30 average pace. Gorgeous!

9/19 (Wednesday): Mile repeats on the treadmill. Still too hot to do speedier miles outside. 4 x 1 mile at 6:48 pace. Last repeat was very tough. Coming to a grand total of 5 miles in 44 minutes.

9/20 (Thursday): Plyo/legs, 20 minutes elliptical intervals.

9/21 (Friday): Rest!


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