Thursday, September 6, 2012

NYC Runs Labor Day 10K Recap

So I decided to do a 10K race on Labor Day as a tempo/tune-up for my goal 1/2 marathon race next week. It was out on Roosevelt Island which runs parallel to Manhattan on the East Side. Have no idea where it is? Join the 5.998 billion or so others who similarly thought that between Manhattan and Long Island there lay...well...just water. Possibly some would-be landfill.

A google maps review of the island captured the spirit of the place: it has a "random lighthouse. Its there if you want to go see it". 

At first we thought it would be a fun place to check out. Um, not so much. The island used to be a prison, and now is dominated by two hospitals. Always fun running really fast and dodging poor people in wheelchairs who probably love being reminded that they are not well enough to even walk.

Anyway, the race was put on by NYC Runs which I gather is a newish company that organizes and times races as well as putting them on themselves. It was smallish, with about 250 people running the 10K and probably a similar amount running the 5K.

Working hard not to heel strike for the camera

Result: 44:07 with about a 7:07 min/mile pace. Second place female and first in age-group.

Mile splits went something like: 6:45, 6:48, 7:02, 7:18 (the wind of bastardry), 7:05, 6:58. I ran hard so I was a little bit disappointed to see my pace drop. Buuuuuut I was untapered (for me) and had run about 34 miles that week. It was pretty warmish and there was a gutsy wind. I know, we love our excuses. Pretty stoked to get a place though  - and a free race entry to another NYC Runs event. Most importantly though, a sweet post-race brekky of fruit and bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter. Naturally I had both.

I also managed to drag the hubs out to watch me race. Hes such a doll.

His response to this photo was "Nothing says love like carrying her bags and following her around the course, taking 100 race photos like a creeper"
Me with my fancy-pants trophy.... husband and race-prize. Har har.

All in all, a good race by NYC Runs. They were efficient and organized and put on a good post-race brekky. No goody-bags (which are usually mostly junk anyway) and the "small" race t-shirt is my husband's new undershirt. But definitely will be trying out a few more of their races.



  1. Loving Doug's new hairdo!! ;)
    Congrats on a great race!!

  2. Haha, he said he feels like a total hippy without the marine hair...

  3. In 4 yrs in NYC, never visited Roosevelt Island. Though I was aware of the former prison. I think there one of the hospitals is predominantly for the mentally ill. Anyway, doesn't seem like a great place to visit.

    Nice job - nearly under 44! Excellent! Love your Mizunos, too. They have the best color combos.