Friday, September 28, 2012

It’s inevitable. Every runner falls eventually, or in my case quarterly.

On Saturday, I attempted a tempo run on the trails in the San Dieguito Lagoon – this just sounds like a bad idea, a tempo trail run? But these trails are wide, flat, soft, and smooth. Notwithstanding said smoothness, my right toe found the one rock sticking out on the entire 6 mile trail, propelling me forward to my belly flopping destiny.

I’ve fallen before, and these are the thoughts that go through my mind: (1) what hurts? (2) visual scan, are there any bones sticking out? (3) can I move my legs and arms without pain? (4) what’s bleeding? (5) did anyone see me? (6) better run home before the adrenaline wears off!

In this case, nothing hurt. Bones were in the right spots. Legs and arms worked. Arm was bleeding. I left some skin on the trail and am carrying some trail burn this week. But the fall was well-timed, at the end of the run, less than a mile from home, and no lasting damage (I even played tennis later that day). No one saw the fall itself, but to all who saw me afterwards, it was obvious had taken a tumble. 

Loving the head-to-toe neon look!
Another high mileage week for me, and I began some speed work with 5 x 800 m at 6:27 pace, which actually wasn't too bad.  But it amazes/scares me that my training plan builds to 16 of these bad boys. No pain, no gain!

Week 4 (9/22-9/28):  34 miles

9/22 (Saturday):  Failed tempo run at 7:15 pace in San Dieguito Lagoon. Aborted, and ran 7 miles at 8:05 average pace. 1 hour of tennis.

9/23 (Sunday):  2 hour long run, 13 miles through Del Mar, Solana Beach, and Cardiff at 9:00 pace. Followed by 2 hour long nap. The heat and distance wiped me out!

9/24 (Monday):  Easy/recovery 5 mile run in Balboa Park at 9:00 pace; yoga.

9/25 (Tuesday):  Speed work on treadmill. 5 x 800 m at 9.3 (6:27 pace) with 400 m resting interval, plus long warm up and cool down, 5 miles.

9/26 (Wednesday):  3 miles easy round the hood and 4 long hill sprints for 3.7 miles; core.

9/27 (Thursday):  45” of plyo/legs in the gym.

9/28 (Friday):  Rest!



  1. Nice week dude. Are those the Saucony Rides? Still hunting for a lightweight, neutral, 8+ drop long run shoe to replace my Launches. womp womp.

    Oh and I hope the stains came out of your cute neon outfit?

    1. Hey Sarah, good call! Those are the Saucony Ride 5s. They have 8 mm drop, are light, and have a nice cushion. A great distance training shoe in theory . . . I am getting some blisters near my arch from them, but I've only been wearing them for about 30 miles. Yep, the outfit escaped untarnished!! :) Kristen