Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goal Race Selected - Silver Strand Half Marathon

Confession: I am going for a PR Half this fall, putting my projected time somewhere below 1:34. So I selected the flattest course around - The Silver Strand Half Marathon on November 11, 2012. Has anyone ever run this one before? Or plan to run it this year?

Based on the registration page, it seems like parking might be a bit of a nightmare, with 4 different shuttle options offered. Such is the nature of a point-to-point race. I paid an extra $4 to park at in the Silver Strand State Beach parking lot, and I plan to arrive very early!

Two weeks into the fall half training program, and I'm feeling really good! I was dealing with kind of a kink in the neck this week, so I had to lay off the weights and core workouts. 

Week 2 (9/8-9/14): 19 miles

Saturday (9/8): 60" tennis!

Sunday (9/9): Long run, 8 mile loop in Mission Bay Park. It was HOT and WINDY. Tough run at about 9:00 pace. 

Monday (9/10): Lunchtime Balboa Park run, 45" progression (9:00, 8:30, 8:00, and 7:30 miles) for 5.1 miles, plus 6 hill sprints in Balboa Park. HOT again! 

Tuesday (9/11): Yoga class, that's all!

Wednesday (9/12): 50" speed workout on the treadmill (7:30, 1" walk, 6:48, 4" walk, 6:48, 1" walk, 6:48 + warmup and cooldown). These treadmilll speed workouts are feeling pretty good!

Thursday (9/13): plyo workout with lots of strides and ladder drills. 

Friday (9/14): Calves feeling smoked from speed and plyo on consecutive days, so rest!

The beautiful and strange plants and flowers of Balboa Park.

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