Friday, September 7, 2012

Running . . . just what the Court ordered

I have complained to everyone who will listen to me that I haven't been able to enjoy the best summer in San Diego since I moved here in 2007.  Every weekend since it turned hot I have been all work and no play. I was feeling salty about yet another weekend indoors in the office - my grumpiness factor was through the roof!

When I got home from work today, I had the following dilemma:

Glass of wine and last week's Fashion Police - versus - Friday evening run

In the case of Wine and TV v. Running, this judge found in favor of Running.

And I was rewarded with easily my best run of the summer - and one of the top five runs of my life. I was actually due for a rest day:  I ran slow, just to enjoy.

It was warm but not too warm. The ocean breeze was refreshing and cool but not too cool. It was low tide.

Cardiff State Beach
So I had the rare opportunity to run all the way from Cardiff back to Del Mar on the beach.

And to top it off, a gorgeous sunset.

I caught myself wearing a smile while running. Huge cheese! That was definitely a first for me. :)

Under the influence of endorphins.

Sometimes I forget how good I have it. I am employed and work with people (like Penny) who are not only amazing colleagues that challenge me to be a better lawyer - but who are truly my friends. I have a wonderful home and family. I live in a beautiful place, among the best running cities in the world. And I can do epic runs like this just out my front door. It is the simple pleasures in life that continue to remind me just how blessed I am.

And . . .

I finally was able to enjoy a little piece of summer. Now I am all sugar, no salt (for the time being . . .)


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