Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Half or Not to Half

The last two weeks I have been trying to get in as much running as possible, while staying uninjured. I managed to do it... just. On Sunday's long run, I got some serious Achilles pain that I have been nursing.

I was also tossing up whether to go forward with my goal race -the Philly Rock n Roll Half on Sept 16th, or find a later race. Reason being that, due to increasing mileage and avoiding injury, I can count the successful speed/tempo workouts Ive had this entire training cycle on one hand. Actually on about 4 fingers to be precise. But curiosity wins the day - I just want to see how fast I can run at this point. Plus Kristen said I should do it, and I do anything she tells me, except get prettier shoes.  And I can do another half down the road now that I am not increasing mileage much more (around 40 miles p/w is what I can manage right now, time-wise) and can focus on speed workouts.

Aug 26th-Sept 1, 2012
Mon: 45 mins elliptical + arms and upper body strength
Tuesday:10 miles easy
Wednesday: 2 miles easy, 8x 1min hill reps at 5k pace, 2 miles easy (6 total)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 12 miles; 4 easy, 4 @ 7:30 pace (current half pace) , 4 easy
Saturday: 6 miles easy treadmill, 20 mins light elliptical + core/upper body strength
Sunday: rest

Sept 2-Sept 8, 2012
Monday: NYC Runs Labor Day 10K, 1 mile easy, 6 miles @ 7:07, 1 mile easy
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 60 mins elliptical intervals (2mins hard, 1 min easy)
Thursday: 7 mile progression run @ 8:30 progressing to 7:00 last mile
Friday: 7 miles, 2 miles easy, 4x1k @ 5k pace (around 6:30) with 3-4 mins jogging recoveries, 2 miles easy
Saturday: 60 mins elliptical easy (aerobic heart-rate zone) + core strength
Sunday: 14 miles easy

So obviously I can see my mistake - I had too many hard workouts after my Labor Day race. Ah well, we live and learn. Or perhaps just live, harumph.

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