Saturday, September 1, 2012

36 miles and how about them blisters

I have two effen blisters. Seriously, blisters. I haven't had blisters since I was, like, 15, running in my $15 shoes, listening to the mixed-tape of Pulp I had blaring from my brick-like walkman that I hand-carried on my runs.

Its not my new shoes. They're the same ones I've been wearing since April, and my latest pair already have 100 miles on them. 

Else is weird? I have one blister on each foot; on my little toes.  They're big too. If anyone can tell me what could've caused these to come from nowhere, Id be grateful.

And as much as I could keep discussing the ins and outs of my blistery feet for yonks (we swears that we dont have foot fetishes on this blog) let me get to the runnings which are much more fun.

Last week I hit 36 miles. Not that much by a lot of peoples' standards, but its taken me sooooo long to build up this mileage again while avoiding injury.

My runs took me through a lot more of Riverside Park, which runs all down the west side, parallel to that long bike/running path that runs around the island.

Pause to reflect on the fact that I have only recently learned how to take a screen shot. Its changed my life. 

August 19-25, 2012
Monday: 45 mins easy elliptical + upper body strength
Tuesday: 8 miles easy with progression to 7:30 in the last two miles - Riverside Park
Wednesday: 6 miles with 4x45 second hill sprints in Central Park + light leg strength
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 8 miles easy
Saturday: 60 mins elliptical intervals + core strength
Sunday: 14 miles easy (8:30 pace)

Riverside Park was lovely and cool to run through.

It sports a TWO-lane pedestrian highway, and runners still make a path for themselves in the dirt

It even has some pristine dirt trails, making you forget all about the tall buildings, bright lights and bags of smelly garbage lining the streets, just metres away...

And views of the Hudson throughout...

The end.


  1. i get blisters on the ends of my toes from the sand grains that just never come out. maybe you took a bit of california with you? or it is hot sweaty socks?

  2. Dude, I just got major nostalgia with your pics of Riverside Park [sigh]. The picture of the two lanes with the weird fence in between - totally got a flashback.

    Congrats on 36! You will be to 40 (uninjured) in no time!